With almost half of Brits spending five hours a weak cleaning in the house, the last thing they want is to end up spending more time than necessary.

Unfortunately, spending more time than necessary is common. Sometimes, mistakes are made or jobs aren’t done properly.

This is common with carpets. Many carpet cleaning mistakes are made on a weekly basis by people who don’t know better because cleaning carpets can be a bit of a specialist task!

Here are the mistakes people make, so you’ll know to avoid them.

1. Leaving Stains For Too Long

We’ve all been there. You spill something on the carpet and decide you’ll get it in a few minutes — which then turns into longer. It happens with carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and more.

However, too often, you’re just giving the stain time to set. It’s harder to get rid of it and worse, harder still to get rid of the odors left behind.

By the time it gets to this point, you might need a carpet cleaning service to deal with it. 

2. Not Vacuuming Often Enough

Just as you can leave stains for too long, you can leave crumbs, dirt, and other things on the carpet.

If you have pets especially, or kids who often spill their food on the floor, a daily vacuum is ideal. This means these things don’t get a lot of time to settle into the fibers and leave smells and stains behind.

Without kids and pets, around twice a week should be sufficient. 

3. Soaking Stains

The last thing you want to do if there’s a stain is to soak the carpet or scrub with a lot of liquid.

Instead, soak up as much of the liquid as you can and leave something on there to get the rest. If you scrub as hard as possible and saturate the carpet with water, you risk damaging the fibers, mould, and a whole lot of other unpleasant things worse than the stain itself.

4. Buying the First Cleaner You See

Don’t go into a store and grab the cheapest carpet cleaner off the shelf.

Read reviews, consider what you want the cleaner to actually achieve, and do your research.

Some cleaners are far too harsh, and some are completely ineffective.

5. Not Hiring a Professional

At the end of the day, if you’re not confident in your ability to get the carpet into shape, you should hire a professional.

By taking it on yourself if there are large stains or there’s already damage, you might end up making the situation worse.

Don’t Make These Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Whatever you do, don’t make these carpet cleaning mistakes. Make sure you check out the cleaner you’re planning to use, vacuum frequently, and get rid of stains as soon as possible.

As long as you’re preventative, your carpet will be fine. 

If in doubt or you’ve left it too long, you should contact a professional. For a trusted carpet and upholstery cleaner in Lichfield, contact The Magic Carpet.